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Alyssa’s Story

Alyssa is thriving in her career while living the city life in New York City.  She loves being social, traveling, and enjoying her life outside of fitness with friends and family.  When she came to us, she was looking to find a way to achieve her fitness goals WITHOUT it completely taking over and restricting her life.

What made you decide to sign up for coaching with Lost & Lifting?

Everyday I would wake up, unhappy in my own skin- I would look in the mirror and not like what I saw. I would spend 1-2 hours doing intense cardio classes that would cause so much energy loss. I would yo-yo diet every few months and never lose any weight. I knew I had to make a change and when I saw Lost & Lifting on TikTok spreading factual information on how to lose weight and most importantly SUSTAIN the weight, I knew this was going to be the differing factor from all the previous times I tried to lose weight. I knew my body deserved better.

Has coaching changed your life in any sort of way? If so, how?

Not only has having Chaz as my coach been a huge support system for me but he is in a way my therapist for my fat/weight loss. He is a third party that doesn’t know much about me and will only tell me the truth – it is so hard to hear from loved ones and family that you need to lose weight or even that you don’t need to lose weight when you know you do! He is honest with me and is there for me to hold myself accountable.

Additionally, and I think this is the biggest aspect of how Chaz has changed my life- is the amount of information I have learned about food, nutrition, exercise and losing fat/weight in a healthy way. I have learned the benefits behind eating more protein, the science behind a calorie deficit, the science behind strength training, I have learned how to do strength exercises that I never knew how to do before. He is helping me learn and grow along with losing the weight/fat.

For example, I had a binge one night, I spoke with Chaz and we reworked my plan. We upped my calories for a few weeks to work on my relationship with food and throughout those weeks, I was able to maintain my weight while eating more food and healing my relationship. If I was doing this process on my own, I would have kept going in the binge, restrict cycle and ended up back where I started.

Why do you think Lost & Lifting Coaching has worked so well in your situation?

Two things – 1. My motivation, determination and focus to continue to put in my hard work to get results. In the past, I didn’t really try to learn all the information and science to lose weight in the most sustainable way possible. I wanted results fast – now I know that is unrealistic and consistency is key in long term success. I wouldn’t have known that without Chaz in my life. 2. Is having a reliable, motivational, educated and caring coach to understand my priorities and help me reach my goals. He has helped me understand the scale isn’t the only thing that matters and has honestly helped increase my confidence more than I ever have.

Has bettering yourself through fitness inside Lost & Lifting inspired any other changes in your life?

YES! I feel that I have more energy to do things, I am in a happy relationship with my new boyfriend and feel more confident than ever. In the past, I would lack a lot of confidence and put a downer on things if I don’t feel good in an outfit. I have also helped people around me with the knowledge I have learned from Chaz.

How has your quality of life differed since working with Lost & Lifting?

Immensely- I feel like a different person. I am not spending hours doing cardio and feeling lethargic every day. I look forward to doing my workouts to feel strong, I look forward to taking walks outside with friends and family to get in my steps, I look forward to making healthy- low calorie/high protein recipes that I can enjoy and share with friends. I have understood that I can be happy with my body and be confident and proud of everything I have achieved. I enjoy the foods I put in my body- I don’t eat bowls of kale and cry because I am starving. I am genuinely eating a ton of food that my body deserves AND ENJOYS.

If someone is thinking about signing up for coaching with Lost & Lifting, what advice would you give them before beginning their journey?

Do it. There are many things in life that I regret or wouldn’t do over again, this is not one of them. If the money is the thing that is deterring you, you need to realize that your body is priceless – your body deserves the best nutrition and exercise and care. Lost and Lifting will help you learn how to take care of your body and how to build confidence and pride in your own skin.

I have worked with Lost & Lifting for about 9 months and have never been happier in my life- I used to yo-yo diet for months on end and see no progress. Working with Lost & Lifting for less than a year will not only bring more progress and results to you than you have ever seen, you will also be able to sustain these results for the rest of you life because of all the information and experiences you received from the program. You will never yo-yo diet again or spend 2 hours on the elliptical!!!!!!

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Chaz is the co-founder/owner and head coach at Lost & Lifting. He also owns his own gym – Fit Factory, located in Preston, Idaho (his hometown). Chaz works with clients all over the country to take control of their body composition through evidence based and sustainable strategies. His passion has turned from building his own body to educating and helping others do the same through his online coaching platform.

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