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"I feel great. I feel confident. I feel like I've come a long way. I use to look at the numbers on the scale in the beginning and freak out, you taught me it's data and there are so many things that can factor in, the best way to see results is to stay consistent and get the weekly average. I can't believe how I was killing myself daily with workouts and never seeing the results I wanted. I learned that I don't need to kill myself like that, in fact I think it was hurting my more mentally and physically. Before starting with you I never would have enjoyed life like I am. I am realizing I can still have treats or "not so healthy" things one in awhile and it won't destroy the work I've put in."
Andrea, 34
"I've finally learned that messing up is ok. I would always worry when I'd have one bad day or week where I didn't workout. I thought all my progress I made would go away or that I would make my coach and myself disappointed. But with Lost & Lifting it was always so positive and I learned that it's ok to not eat perfect or miss a workout every now and again as long as I get right back on track. So THANK YOU!"
Kilee, 25
"Counting macros helped me so much! I was eating too little before and all the wrong things. I was so scared of carbs and now I know how important they are and I can enjoy them. I am very happy with my progress! It really was surprising the results I had in just 12 weeks eating basically whatever I wanted as long as I stayed within my macros. Also, I used to always think to lose weight I needed to go run on the treadmill for an hour. I learned to see better results with how my body looked through weight training."
Suzanne, 38
"Gaining the knowledge about Flexible Dieting was a game changer. It's great to know if my body is wanting a donut or burger I can have it! I just need to be aware of the macros and adjust my day accordingly. It was nice to learn I don't need to be in the gym for hours a day. An hour or so a day, 4x per week was perfect."
Cait, 29
"Learning how to put myself into a caloric deficit was the biggest takeaway. Being walked through the process of tracking and counting macros was something I knew very little about. Another big takeaway is that it's not as complicated as social media makes it out to be. I never anticipated Chaz to emphasis the importance of not killing yourself off and allowing yourself to live life. The workouts were also exactly what I needed. They were different than what I was use to."
Connor, 21
"I've learned that it is POSSIBLE! I can get my body back even after having a baby! It is possible to get my food and eating under control without starving myself. That was probably my favorite part of it all. I look better and feel better than I did before I had my baby! Having Claira as my fitness coach not only helped my physical appearance but it gave me a clearer mind. I'm a much happier wife and momma!"
Chandler, 25
"Learning how to use flexible dieting and count macros has lead me to my best results that I've ever achieved! I've been with a lot of different coaches, but you guys were the first to really keep me on track and make sure I got to my goals."
Ryan, 24
"My mental health is VERY effected by my habits of diet and exercise. Sure I lost a good amount of weight (huge win!), but by far the best win is how great my mental health is feeling in creating better habits."
Haley, 25
"Chaz is excellent! He gives you the freedom to eat the foods you like and crave as long as you account for them. I love that he was always available to give encouragement and suggestions anytime I had them. Being held account has been essential to me being able to lose over 40 pounds because he always reminds me of what's important and that I'm totally capable! He's amazing and I couldn't be more to work with him!"
Ginger, 49
"Getting in shape doesn't have to mean obsessive working out or dieting. I learned that it does take work and consistency, BUT that doesn't mean i can't have fun and enjoy every step of the process. I now know food is fuel and I can use that to my advantage by tracking macros to reach my new goals. Macros were completely new to me when I started working with L&L and they turned out to be the key to getting my goals on track and adopting a simpler diet."
Nichelle, 22
"It was hard for me at first that the weight wasn't just falling off. At times I got discouraged and thought that this process wasn't going to work for me. Chaz was VERY reassuring that the process does take time and that if I would stick with it that I'd see the results I wanted to see. Low and behold at the 12 week mark I was down over 15 pounds. Chaz knows what he is doing! I'm glad I took the step to hire him so I can be an example for my kids and be able to keep up with them throughout life."
Shalee, 30
"I am so happy about the progress I made through this program. I learned that I don't need to feel guilty for eating. There is such a thing as balance and it can be so positive. I learned my body needs a lot more than what I was giving it. I am capable of a lot more and stronger than I thought."
Erin, 27
"I gained a ton of knowledge regarding the gym and nutrition and what to actually do to achieve the results I've wanted. When I first began working with Chaz I never was a gym person, but working with him through the program I learned to gain an appreciation and finally felt comfortable in what I was doing once I started going."
Kelsey, 26
"I learned not to feel guilty, but be flexible and adjust. I learned that I need to eat more and stop relying on low carb diets. I now have the resources and knowledge through very specific information about macros and how to change them according to exercise. I also learned that less is more. I could definitely cut back on cardio and not feel guilt."
Kamille, 45

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