What was your overall takeaway from coaching and deciding to invest in yourself?

Suzanne, 38

“Counting macros! I was eating too little before and all the wrong things. I was so scared of carbs and now I know how important they are and I can enjoy them. I am very happy with my progress! It really was surprising the results I had in just 12 weeks eating basically whatever I wanted as long as I stayed within my macros. Also, I used to always think to lose weight I needed to go run on the treadmill for an hour. I learned to see better results with how my body looked through weight training.

Nichelle, 22

“Getting in shape doesn’t have to mean obsessive working out or dieting. I learned that it does take work and consistency, BUT that doesn’t mean i can’t have fun and enjoy every step of the process. I now know food is fuel and I can use that to my advantage by tracking macros to reach my new goals. Macros were completely new to me when I started working with L&L and they turned out to be the key to getting my goals on track and adopting a simpler diet.”

Ryan, 24

“Learning how to use flexible dieting and count macros has lead me to my best results that I’ve ever achieved! I’ve been with a lot of different coaches, but you guys were the first to really keep me on track and make sure I got to my goals.”

Kelsey, 26:

“I gained a ton of knowledge regarding the gym and nutrition and what to actually do to achieve the results I’ve wanted. When I first began working with Chaz I never was a gym person, but working with him through the program I learned to gain an appreciation and finally felt comfortable in what I was doing once I started going.”

Kamille, 45:

“I learned not to feel guilty, but be flexible and adjust. I learned that I need to eat more and stop relying on low carb diets. I now have the resources and knowledge through very specific information about macros and how to change them according to exercise. I also learned that less is more. I could definitely cut back on cardio and not feel guilt.”

Caitlin, 29

“Gaining the knowledge about Flexible Dieting. It’s great to know if my body is wanting a donut or burger I can have it! I just need to be aware of the macros and adjust my day accordingly. It was nice to learn I don’t need to be in the gym for hours a day. An hour or so a day, 4x per week was perfect.”

Kendi, 25

“Counting macros changed my life. I use to hate meal prepping and being so strict. I had to lock myself in a room just to stick to the plan. Having Claira teach me how to count macros helped me so much and I can actually enjoy the process now. She was amazing to work with.”