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 We help everyday people just like you transform their bodies through sustainable strategies and a shift in mindset.

You name it, we've Dealt with it.

What’s up? I’m Chaz, the Founder and Head Coach here at Lost & Lifting.

In my personal fitness journey, I’ve been through it all. Fad diets, supplements, influencers, bro science, ridiculously draining workout programs, empty promises, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

I knew there had to be a way to get in shape without it being so damn hard. 

After way too much trial and error, I found what worked – FINALLY.

The crazy thing?  It had nothing to do with grilled chicken and broccoli, timing your meals perfectly,  or even doing hours of cardio.

It came down to keeping things simple, evidence based, and most importantly, individual to the person and their specific situation.

Who would’ve guessed… Science, individualization, & practicality ACTUALLY work when it comes to transforming your body.

From there, I became obsessed with the evidence based side of training and nutrition and 13 years later it’s developed into my entire life’s work. 

I’m more passionate than ever about helping YOU find your confidence through the law of thermodynamics, emphasizing particular macronutrients, and manipulating adaptations when it comes to nutrition & exercise over the long haul so that you create the body you’re capable of.

Some of this might sound confusing to you.

That’s totally fine- I don’t expect you to understand it all. That’s why I founded Lost & Lifting: to simplify the process for you.

Meet The Lost & Lifting Team

Chaz Spackman- Founder & Head Coach

  • Pn1 & Nasm Certified
  • +10 Years  Experience In Person & Online
  • Coached 100’s Of Clients To Successful Transformations

Alex Johannsson - Trainer & Nutrition Coach

  • B.A. Exercise Science
  • N1 Nutrition, N1 Hormones, N1 Program Design
  • Specializes in Female Health, Hormones, and Weight Loss

Emma Swainston - Chaz's Personal Assistant & Administrator

  • I take care of the important stuff 😉

What makes Us qualified?

Bachelors Degrees and +10 certifications in training, nutrition, females health, & hormones

Over 20 years combined experience

We don't ignore the mental aspect of nutrition & training.

Coached 100's of clients To success

We've been where you are!