The L&L Method (a better way to fat loss)


When starting a fat loss journey you may initially think cardio, restricted food choices, and misery.

Sounds terrible… because it is terrible. Nobody finds it exciting to spend hours on a treadmill and eat bland food every day.

Hence the reason most of us have such a hard time when it comes to fat loss.

Luckily, with a little knowledge, it doesn’t have to be that way.

It can be much less miserable in terms of exercise, and much more enjoyable in terms of nutrition.

We’re programmed to think the more cardio we do and the healthier we eat, the more fat we’ll lose.

Cardiovascular endurance and including nutritious food into your daily life is important for overall health, but in terms of fat loss, it isn’t necessarily the deciding factor like you may think.

Let’s dive into how our bodies ACTUALLY lose fat and make the best decision as to how to sustain that goal.

The body loses weight at the result of an energy deficiency. Meaning the body is receiving less calories than what it is consistently burning on a weekly basis. Just as it gains weight because of a consistent energy surplus, meaning the body is receiving more calories than what it is burning.

Regardless of who you are, where you’re from, what you do, what’s happening to your hormones, or how slow or fast your metabolism is… This rule applies to EVERY human.

With this simple knowledge, it’s very possible to be more flexible when it comes to pursuing your fat loss goal than you might think.

Today we’re going to go over our tried and true technique and why it works so well.

It’s simple, time efficient, and downright effective.

Our testimonial page speaks for itself.

Instead of focusing on cardio and restricting the foods you can and can’t eat… we focus on 45-60 min strength sessions, 10-20 min HIIT cardio routines, and ALL food in moderation.


Let’s explain…


You may not realize it, but strength training is by far the most efficient way to lose measurable amounts of fat and look your absolute best.


It adds definition and burns more calories than traditional cardio.

Meaning you’ll be able to eat more and lose the same amount fat (if not more).

Breaking down muscle tissue causes a compounding effect of calories burned that running on a treadmill can’t offer.

Strength training produces a calorie burn from the time spent working out, as well as an additional spike in caloric expenditure after the workout has ended and you have left the gym.

The body is forced to burn calories that it normally wouldn’t as it repairs the lean tissue that is broken down from the strength session.

Body repairing = extra calories expending.

Win, win.

3-4 sessions per week at 45-60 mins each is all that is needed for the best results.

If anything, they look more “toned” and defined.


Instead of mindlessly hamster wheeling yourself on the treadmill for hours on end, HIIT cardio provides short spurt, productive calorie expenditures that can be done in 20-mins or less.

Spending 60-mins on a treadmill compared to 20 mins doing a HIIT routine to burn the same amount of calories doesn’t leave much of an argument to which seems more enticing, am I right?

HIIT routines can be as simple as body weight movements, or as complex as advanced metabolic exercises, all dependent upon your experience.

Here’s a beginner example:

3-5 rounds: (rest 60-90 seconds between rounds)

-Body Weight Squats, 12 reps

-Push Ups, 12 reps

-Lying Leg Raises, 12 reps

Here’s an intermediate / advanced example:

4-6 rounds: (rest 60-90 seconds between rounds)

-Jump Squats, 15 reps

-KB Swings, 15 reps

-Wall Balls, 15 reps

1-2 HIIT sessions per week after a strength session, or on an active rest day is generally the perfect dose for successful fat loss.


Could you cut out entire food groups and lose weight very quickly?

Most likely.

Would it be sustainable?

Most likely not.

People don’t have an issue losing weight. The issue lies in keeping it off after losing it.

Our method tackles that problem before it ever arises.

The approach of “everything in moderation” may provide results a bit slower than a crash diet would, but the results last a lifetime as you learn to view food as a positive to your goals instead of a negative.

The body is required to be in a caloric deficit in order to lose weight. Simple science tells us that, but it doesn’t tell us you have to be extremely rigid in the foods you choose to supply that deficit with.

Being aware of the amount of calories consumed daily and sticking to your bodies calorie deficit requirements is what’s most important and will drive the most significant amounts of fat loss.

Not the actual foods you choose to fill that deficit with.

This means you can still enjoy carbs and your favorite treats so long as you are accounting for it in your daily intake.

Does this mean you should forget about nutrient rich foods and only incorporate junk food?

Of course not.

But fitting in some of your favorite foods on a daily basis isn’t going to stop you from achieving your fat loss goals so long as you are accounting for it.

This leads to a longer lasting, maintainable lifestyle that can be incorporated for a life time instead of a short term “quick fix” that always leads back to ground zero once the “diet” has ended.

Want help getting started?

Download The Macro Starter Kit for FREE to kick start you journey and get headed down the right path.

You’ll receive help on setting up you caloric intake, protein intake, and food choices so you aren’t left guessing with where to begin.

You might also receive a couple workouts to start incorporating into your routine as well.


Want help getting started?

Download The Macro Starter Kit for FREE to kick start you journey and get headed down the right path.

You’ll receive help on setting up you caloric intake, protein intake, and food choices so you aren’t left guessing with where to begin.

You might also receive a couple workouts to start incorporating into your routine as well.

The Macro Starter Kit

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