3 Keys to Adding More Muscle

1. Eat in a calorie surplus:

What is a calorie surplus?  To gain weight your body must be consuming more calories than what it is burning over time.  Just because you are drinking protein shakes everyday doesn’t mean you are automatically going to put on muscle.  Scientifically, your body can’t put on any size without an adequate amount of calories.  Learn how many calories your body is burning each day and start consuming anywhere from 200-500 calories over that daily.

2. Train to get stronger:

Start tracking your lifts.  Overtime your body starts to adapt to the stresses and tension  you are putting it under.  The only way to break through this is to put it under new stress (more volume).  Each workout aim to add one rep, one more set, or 5 more lbs to the bar .  As you keep adding more volume to each workout your muscles will have no choice but to grow and adapt to the new stresses you are putting them through.

3. Accept a little fat gain:

Yes, if your goal is to add muscle, you are going to have to accept the fact of gaining a little weight in the process. Don’t expect to stay super lean while being in a calorie surplus over an extended period of time.  This isn’t an excuse to just let yourself get fat though either.  A good goal in weight gain is 1-2 lbs every month.  This will keep your fat gain to a minimum and give your body all the opportunity it needs to add lean tissue.  Not to worry, once you have gone through the process of your bulk, losing the extra fat you had to gain will be much easier to do.  With your metabolism firing on all cylinders from the extra calories you’ve been consuming the extra fat gain will come off in a breeze once your calories are dropped back down underneath your maintenance levels.

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Happy Lifting!