Are you eating ENOUGH to lose weight? 

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Weird to think about, right? The less you eat the more weight you should lose. It only seems to make sense scientifically and logically. I’m not gonna lie, when I discovered this I was a bit baffled too.  

We’ve had a few clients come to us in the last while who were already eating well under their maintenance level of calories, but for some reason still seemed to be having a hard time dropping weight. It doesn’t seem to make much sense.  
I’ve been preaching this through the blog ever since I started writing. Eat less calories than what your body burns in one day and you’ll lose weight. Doesn’t seem to be that hard or complicated. Here’s the problem, a lot of people (especially women) seem to already be eating well under their maintenance levels. Seems all right and they should be losing weight, but actually, they are much further underneath their maintenance levels than actually needed to lose weight without even realizing it. 


You don’t have to live like this!

This causes a big issue! If you’re body isn’t getting enough food over a long period of time, it isn’t going to run as efficiently as it would otherwise. You’re metabolism starts running at a very low rate making it hard for anyone to drop fat. 

There’s a couple different routes to take: 

  1. You could drop your calories even lower to where you are eating next to nothing and starving yourself. 
  2. OR you can gradually add calories in each week, working yourself back up to your maintenance level to get your metabolism firing at full speed again. Which most of the time causes the body to drop a few pounds on the way. 

Taking route number two is going to be far more beneficial. Once you’ve worked your way back up to your maintence level your body and metabolism will be in a much better place to lose weight. From there, you’ll be able to drop your calories back down and see progressive weight loss. 
The body is an evolving creature. It’s not always going to take “x” and “y” to get the solution of “z.”  

Do you have questions involving your fit journey?  (Dieting or Training)  Shoot us an email or leave a comment on our Instagram page (@lostandlifting) and we would love to write a blog for you about it. 


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