There are many different niches in the fitness industry these days.  You have crossfit,  aerobics, kickboxing, circuit training, weightlifting…the list could probably go on and on. But each one is unique in it’s own way and gives back a certain piece of mind that each and everyone of us are after.  Whether it’s the joy of getting your heart rate up,  or pushing some heavy weight in the gym.  Each outlet serves its own purpose in better helping us along our way to reach whatever our goals may be.

What about all of the different diets though?  Does each one serve its own purpose in better helping us along our journey?  Every weight loss diet that anyone has ever gotten results from has one major key in common.  It wasn’t necessarily the food choices that made you lose weight,  it wasn’t just because you went low carbs,  low fat, or only ate “healthy foods.” It was because of this one reason, and this one reason ONLY:  The diet you were following had you eating less amount of calories than what you’re body was expending throughout each day.  No matter if you follow a Vegan, a Paleo,  a Weight Watchers, or an Atkins plan, whatever it may be.

You see, all of our bodies are actually quite similar,  if we put too many calories IN, we will gain weight. If we expend enough calories OUT, we will lose weight.  It’s really not that complicated.  At least not as complicated as most of us make it out to be.

If you enjoy whatever diet you may be on then by no means am I trying to tell you to stop doing it.  But if you want to make it sustainable and make it last for the long haul, I urge you to get to know your body.  Start figuring out how many calories your body burns in a day,  realize that if you get tired of eating the same thing every meal that you don’t necessarily have to be doing that in order to see results.

At the end of the day this whole weight loss thing is actually quite simple.  So simple, that it can be explained in a few short words.


If you struggle to wrap your head around this don’t be timid to send us an email with your questions.