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Starting a fitness journey can be tough.  There’s so much conflicting information being thrown around that it can leave anyone confused and unmotivated.  At least it did me when I first began down my trek in nutrition and exercise.

“You need this fat burner, that detox, these juices, and don’t forget your daily multivitamin!”

My name is Chaz Spackman.

The recommendations above are the reason I started Lost and Lifting.  Instead of selling my sole through a bunch of bull crap products, I wanted to create a place where anyone can go to get all the information needed to jump start real results through evidence based, yet simple to understand information.

If you’re new to weight lifting and nutrition, or just find yourself stuck on the journey to a healthier, skinnier, or perhaps more ripped you… start with these posts below:




After making your way through the Beginner’s Series you may feel a bit overwhelmed with knowledge.  After all, you’ve taken in a lot of actionable information that you need to start applying! But if you aren’t totally satisfied and are looking for more, feel free to check out the rest of my articles in the blog.

Looking for better structure to your workouts and nutrition? I do offer these “everything done for you” plans to take away the stress of trying to apply all of this information on your own.



Last but not least,  I would regret not letting you know just a snid bit about my coaching services.  If you are looking to really get serious about taking things to the next level,  we could potentially work together 1 on 1 every week to individualize your nutritional and training needs,  check that out here.