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Lost & Lifting

Online Coaching

Anybody can show you a quick fix.

We’ll guide you to a lasting result.


Changing your body composition for the long term comes down to more than restricting food groups and punishing yourself on a cardio machine.  Sustainable results are produced through increased strength and learning to fit nutritional principles into your lifestyle instead of forcing your lifestyle to fit into them.
In the first 6 weeks, Britt made better progress than some do by themselves in 3 months.
Oscar's gotten stronger AND leaner than he has in his entire life inside the L&L Coaching program.
Throughout her transformation, Ty never had to go low carb, or cut out ANY food groups. Just consistency w/ the principles we teach!

  Join hundreds of others and equip yourself with the correct tools behind an individualized, result based nutrition plan for FREE!

The L&L Mission

Lost & Lifting is a fitness and nutrition coaching company that was founded in 2016 on three core values:

1 – Getting everyday people results through evidence based strategies, individualization, and accountability

2 – Helping you achieve the result in a way that’s sustainable and realistic for the long term

3 – Educating you along the way so you can continue the path on your own once the coaching period is over

In an industry full of “quick fixes” and overly hyped marketing, we pride ourselves on going against the grain.

When it comes to improving your body composition and sustaining it for the rest of your life, individualized coaching and education will always be at the foundation.

A fad diet, supplement, or generic meal plan will only be able to take you so far.  

A nutrition and training plan that’s individualized to YOU and your needs, paired with accountability to go along with it, is the recipe that will take you the distance.

Meet the Coaches

Chaz works with both male and female clients. He specialized in helping clients create an easier, more sustainable approach to nutrition and creating a training program that fits your needs, experience level, and goals.  His core coaching belief is to help you create a plan that fits into your life instead of forcing your life to fit into a generic plan.

Claira specializes in moms and females.  Whether your goal is to lean down and lose unwanted baby weight, or learn how to create a thoughtful plan inside the kitchen and the gym for lasting results, she’s got the practical and science-based knowledge to help you improve your body composition, regardless of your experience level.

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