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Ready to finally create LONG-TERM results inside your training and nutrition that you can sustain?

This isn't like your typical plan, but then again... I'm not your typical nutrition coach or trainer.

I don’t create standardized “cookie cutter” training and nutrition plans.

I take proven principles and tailor them to fit your lifestyle to help you create a leaner, stronger, and most importantly… lasting body composition.

Whether you’re looking to feel extremely confident in a bathing suit, or you simply desire to lose the weight you’ve gained over the last few years from the craziness of life…


My name is Chaz Spackman

I’m a full time fitness/nutrition coach, gym owner, husband, and dad to the cutest little girl you’ve ever seen (fact).

With all the crap in the fitness industry that most of us are led to believe when beginning our journey… I somehow landed on helping people understand a simple, but far more effective and sustainable approach to shedding stubborn body fat and taking complete control of their body composition.

Having to fit your life into the rules of a random diet every time you sit down to eat and exhaust yourself in the gym every day will suck the life right out of you.

At least it did me…

What’s worse is the heavy restriction it leaves on your life.

Which 9/10 times leads to the dreaded yo-yo effect of putting all the weight right back on in the coming months when you realize you can’t live that way anymore.

Sometimes the weight regain turns into more than what you had BEFORE the diet… Been there!

Cait (a past client of mine) was going through the same thing:

Cait, 29

She’s the mom of a young family and had been going up and down in weight for years. 

Her efforts weren’t the problem…

She religiously restricted carbs, followed diets with names, followed online programs, and even attended group classes at her local gym each week. 

But ultimately she remained frustrated month after month.

A leaner body without overbearing amounts of inconvenience and hunger seemed next to impossible of accomplishing.

(insert me) surprise, surprise… 😉

Cait reached out and decided taking a chance on me was a “last resort” measure she was willing to try (that’s what most call me).

She explained that she was on her last straw so she figured trying this whole “sustainable thing” definitely wouldn’t hurt.

We talked about where she was and where she was trying to go with her body… 

That conversation led me to knowing exactly what she needed.

We started with three key principles to achieve this.

1 –  An individualized workout program that fit her experience level and schedule

Her biggest problem with exercise was that she didn’t know what to do, what not do, and how to progress her training each week to create the most efficient fat loss while adding lean muscle definition.

2 – Taking away the restriction in her nutrition

She needed a more flexible approach that allowed her the freedom and convenience of eating out, cooking for her family, and enjoying a night out every now and again without messing up her progress.

3 – Accountability and adjusting along the way

The missing link for most.  She was getting frustrated on weeks when progress wasn’t made that would lead to her getting off track instead of making the proper adjustments to continue seeing results.

In short, we created a plan that was tailored to her lifestyle instead of forcing her lifestyle to fit into a cookie cutter plan.

Most people do the opposite of the above statement which is why over 90% of people who lose weight put it all back on within the first year.

These simple changes gave her the ability to lose over 20 pounds in 12 weeks while still:

-Eating like a normal person
-Working out only 4x per week
-Enjoying food at restaurants
-Not cutting carbohydrates
-Feeling FULL after eating
-And even enjoying a dessert every night of the week

After learning how to implement this process that I had taught her, she was able to leave my service and continue making progress all on her own.

My objective isn’t to keep you in my coaching program forever.

It’s to teach you the process so you can gain control of your body composition for the rest of your life without anyone’s help.

Just like coaching has done for all of these L&L clients as well:

They all had the same goal of losing unwanted fat and creating more definition, but weren’t quite sure what foods to eat, what kind of program to follow, how much cardio to do and when to make adjustments to create long term success.


You might be thinking –

“This all sounds great… I just don’t have the time or money to invest into coaching right now.”

I get it. 

Seriously… I do.

But understand this… Online Coaching is a ridiculous bargain.

By working with me online you’ll receive all the benefit for less than HALF the price it’d cost to work with me in person.

Plus, the missing factor for most people is lack of “skin in the game.”

When you’re invested into yourself, you’re much more likely to create the result and follow through with what you really want (studies even show this).

And you’re worried about time?

That’s where I come in. You tell me your schedule and “non-negotiables” and I’ll make a plan that fits into that schedule without sacrificing any results in the mean time.

Going on vacation?  We’ll modify your plan for your travels.

Have a work trip coming up?  We’ll adjust your plan for your hotel gym and restaurants available.

Something else?  We’ll make it work.

Changing your body composition for the long term is about doing the best you can with what you have.

Don’t get so caught up in everything having to be “perfect” before you begin (regardless if you work with me or not).

Unlike many companies and coaches you’ll find, I pride my work on making sure you get exactly what you need as an individual. You’ll be equipped with a plan that is 100% tailored to you, your likes, your needs and your day to day lifestyle so that results don’t only come easier, but faster and more efficiently too.

Ty and Oscar (both extremely busy with school &/or a career) have worked with me to accomplish just that:
Ty, 21
Oscar, 38

Look, my clients and myself are no different than you. Believe me when I say I know how hard it is to stick to a nutrition and exercise program with everything life throws at you in a given day.

I understand you need flexibility, efficiency, AND results from your plan to stay on track.

This isn’t a typical chicken and broccoli meal plan that you’ll stick to for a couple weeks before going insane.

I teach my clients how to not restrict any food groups, eat out at favorite restaurants weekly, and incorporate foods they enjoy daily while getting leaner and stronger every single week.

I’m not going to deceive you by saying it’s my “secret formula,” because it’s not.

It’s what I’ve learned through personal experience, 100’s of clients, certifications, study, and other people much smarter than me who I got help from when I was stuck trying to lose my stubborn belly fat and create a stronger body 10 years ago.

“Alright… What does your coaching program include exactly?”

Great question…. 

I’ll be in the trenches with you each and everyday answering any questions you may have so that we leave nothing to chance with your progress throughout the ENTIRE program.  When you sign up – you get ME.  No assistant coach, no automation, no cookie cutter answers.  Just direct access to me whenever you need it so that you have the support that you need.


After completing the new-client questionnaire when signing up, you’ll receive your welcome packet with your personalized nutrition guide, training program, welcome video, and other resources so you can get started right away.

*After you receive the welcome packet we’ll schedule a call and go through everything together so you have no unanswered questions before beginning the program.

The Nutrition Handbook breaks down exactly how we’re transforming your physique while working together so you can not only implement the strategies, but have a resource to better understand the strategies as well.

The Training Handbook walks you through your entire training program so that you know exactly how much weight to use, how to perform the exercises as intended, and how to progress from workout to workout so you can make the best progress possible.

Want more defined arms? A bigger butt? Better abs? The program will be 100% tailored to YOU and the body you want to create. Each month you’ll have a freshly designed training plan waiting for you in your inbox. Don’t know how to perform a specific movement?

I got you – each exercise is linked to a tutorial video by me so you know exactly what to do at all times. Updating your training each month keeps things fresh so you’re always looking forward to hitting the gym and progressing in your workouts.

We will have a check-in via email every week to hold you accountable and make sure you are staying on track towards your goal. Each check-in will go over your previous weeks progress and we’ll make any adjustments needed to ensure you aren’t ever plateauing and you’re achieving continuous results. 

We’ll also discuss anything coming up in the upcoming week that might need extra planning for so that you can stay on track.

You’ll also have an option to book a phone call with me each week (if needed) to talk about anything you may want to discuss.

I’m not guaranteeing you’ll have your dream body in the next 14-days, but I will guarantee you’ll be much further along than you would by going at it by yourself. Having an experienced coach is like having a cheat code to your transformation. As long as you implement what you’re provided, you’ll reach your goal.

It really becomes that simple.

Especially with me in your corner.

I love to coach… and I’ll do everything in my power to make sure you get to your goal.


Without any pressure, look at your current situation and ask yourself… Am I confident that I can achieve my goal by going at this by myself?

If you are, that’s great! Go get after it.

(I don’t know why you’d still be reading at this point if that were the case though).

If you aren’t, imagine how much easier and more assuring it’d be to put a proven process in place and get the experience you need from me (or any other credible coach) as a mentor and support system to guide you along the way.

At least it has been for the many people I’ve worked with over the years.

Or maybe you enjoy second guessing your workouts, not having a full grasp on your nutrition, and always ending up on the short side of your real potential.

I understand that my online program isn’t going to be for everyone.

If you’d rather have a trainer walking around the gym with you to re-rack your weights or a nutrition coach writing you out a chicken and broccoli meal plan, you’d be better off finding someone else because that’s not what I offer.

I offer:

  • Accountability, Guidance & Support
  • Daily help throughout the process
  • Experienced and sustainable nutrition coaching 
  • Goal oriented training programs to fit your experience level
  • And a mentoring relationship that will keep things crystal clear so you can reach your goals in the most efficient (and fastest) way possible.

Because of the individualized service that I offer, I’m only able to take on a limited amount of clients at a time.

When a spot opens on my client roster, we can turn the next chapter of your journey into the most progressive, enjoyable, and successful you’ve ever had.

Just fill out the short application below and I’ll contact you in the next 48 hours via email to see if we’d be a good fit and discuss availability.

Coaching Application: