Work with Chaz

Hand me the reins to your fitness and nutritional strategies, and I’ll hand you back the lean, strong, and confident body you’re after.


(left) Me pounding my head against the wall thinking the only way to get in shape was to eat “healthy,” workout 6 times per week, and do loads of cardio.
(right) A future, much smarter me eating all the foods I enjoy, resistance training 3-5 times per week, and doing minimal (if any) cardio.

UNDERSTAND THIS: This is not your standardized “cookie-cutter” fitness program.


It’s a step by step process created with specific, EVIDENCE-BASED actions to creating the lean, strong, and confident body you’re chasing.

My goal is to make sure that you reach your goal. Period.

Whether you’re looking to get in the best shape of your life and feel extremely confident when at the pool or beach, or you’re just trying to lose weight to feel more comfortable in your skin and have the energy that you once did.


I’m Chaz Spackman:

I help people improve their bodies right here on the the internet, and inside the walls of my own gym.

Professionally, I have worked with all levels, from beginners first stepping into the gym to competitive athletes getting on a stage. I have the amazing opportunity to help many clients burn fat, build muscle, and transform their lifestyles.

With all the bull sh*t in the industry that most of us start out believing… I’ve taken it upon myself to help people understand the simple, effective approach needed to get maximal results without sacrificing the best parts of life at the same time.

Fitness is cool and all, but having to constantly eat chicken, fish, and veggies, hit the gym every day of the week, and do loads of exhausting cardio just to burn a little fat will suck the life right out of you. At least it did mine.

Don’t get me wrong, transforming your body and getting lean isn’t going to be easy. It will require some hard work (if it didn’t everyone would be fit), but it doesn’t have to completely suck either.

Want proof?

Take a look at my client Zach who was once strolling through this page just like you are now:

Zach’s no exception to the rule . He doesn’t live a life where he’s able to pay attention to his fitness goals 24/7. He works a full time job (cutting trees), as well as runs his own landscaping business on the side. For him to be successful, it’s important he has an individualized plan that fits into his busy life, instead of trying to make his life fit into an “optimal” plan.

Zach’s a super nice guy, but more importantly, a good friend. He stays consistent, let’s me know when he has questions about what we’re doing each week, and implements what I give him so he can get continuous results.

We just finished prepping him for his first ever physique show, getting him leaner than he’s ever been in his entire life.

Myself and Zach just as he just got off stage.

But honestly, that competition stuff is a bit tedious and a little too serious for most.

Even though I do work with more advanced levels like Zach, I work most with everyday people wanting to become healthier, better looking, and more fit, like Cait.

Cait is the mom of a young, busy family. She had been yo-yo’ing back and forth for years. Trying to restrict carbs, eat “healthy,” following cardio draining workout programs, and ultimately never getting the results she was looking for: a slimmer, more confident, energized body.

We made just a few key adjustments when she joined my program. Starting with a strategic resistance training program and changing her nutrition guidelines to a flexible approach (keeping an eye on her food intake without restricting any food groups). These simple changes gave her the ability to stick to her plan consistently without one “good” day followed by one “bad” day.

And what do ya know… she started dropping weight and looking better week after week.

She’s now off on her own making progress because she doesn’t need me anymore.

After learning everything she needed to know to do everything on her own she left me high and dry.

Quite honestly, I don’t blame her!

My objective isn’t to keep you in my coaching program forever and continuously need my help. It’s to teach you the process you need to know so you can take it with you and get the results you want for the rest of your life.

That’s the real win.

By now you’re probably thinking…


I get it. Seriously… I do.

But you should understand this: Online Training is a ridiculous bargain.

Hiring a competent in-person trainer is going to run you anywhere from $800-$1200 a month (at least). This usually doesn’t include nutritional help either, at least sound nutritional help.

By choosing to work with me online, you’ll receive all the benefits of in-person training for less than a QUARTER of the price. Not to mention the entire aspect of the nutritional side of things you’ll learn and get as well.

And you’re worried about time?

That’s where I come in. You tell me your schedule and I make a plan for you that conveniently fits into that schedule without sacrificing any of your goals or results.

Leave the work to me. Your plan will be extremely specific to you, your needs, and your schedule.

Unlike many companies and coaches you’ll find in this industry, I pride my work on making sure you get exactly what you need as an individual. You’ll be equipped with a professionally developed plan that executes on the specific requirements needed to produce the results you desire. Nothing more, nothing less.

Ty and Ryan (both busy college students) hired me for guidance and ended up with these results:

Look, I’m a regular person just like you. Believe me when I say I know how hard it is to stick to a nutrition and exercise program with all the unplanned things life can throw at you.

In the last few years, I’ve experienced getting married, becoming a dad, creating and running two of my own businesses, and giving my undivided attention to clients. It doesn’t leave a ton of time to sit in the gym performing countless sets of bicep curls and checking out my abs in the mirror.

I’ve had to learn the importance of efficiency without sacrificing effectiveness in what myself and my clients do to achieve a lean and strong physique.

I’ve dubbed this:

The Lost & Lifting Method – only focusing on the necessary things needed to get the maximum results intended.

That doesn’t mean crazy intense workouts and overly-restrictive eating.

It means doing the minimal amount of work needed that still creates every last ounce of the confidence boosting results you’re looking for.

I want to implement these exact strategies with YOU so you’re able to have the lean and confident body you want, instead of remaining bent over backwards for little to know return.

Ok, now you’re definitely thinking…

“Alright, I’m dying to know. What does your coaching program include?”

Complete Access To Me

I’m always a simple email, text, or phone call away with any questions or concerns you’re having the entire time we’re working together. This will leave you 100% confident in everything I’ve set up for you.

Clear, Direct Protocols to Start Implementing

Once completing your new client forms after signing up, you’ll receive a welcome packet with your workouts, nutrition guidelines, meal suggestions, grocery lists and everything else you’ll need to get started. Some clients like to have an “onboarding” call where we hop on the phone and go through everything that you’ve received so there aren’t any unanswered questions before beginning. I’d recommend we do the same (if you’d like).

L&L Macro Handbook and Recipe Book

Inside of the Macro Handbook you get immediately after signing up, you’ll learn everything you need to know about controlling your body composition. This resource is jam-packed with years and years of education, client experience, and self experience all simplified to make things crystal clear on how we’re going to transform your body. 100% yours forever when becoming a client.

The Recipe Book equips you with tons of macro-friendly recipes so you never have to guess what to eat. These recipes aren’t mandatory for you to make, but you’ll find them extremely beneficial and tasty in helping you hit your nutrition goals each and every day. And no… I’m not a cook. So if I can make them, chances are you can too.

Individualized EVERYTHING

Want more defined arms? A bigger butt? Better abs? I’ll make sure the program is 100% tailored to YOU and what you’re after. After you fill out the new-client form I’ll be able to dive deep into your situation and individualize as much as humanly possible to you and your body to expedite progress.

Updated Monthly Training Plans

Each month you’ll receive a freshly designed training plan waiting for you in your inbox. Don’t know how to perform a specific movement? I got you – each exercise is linked to a tutorial video by me so you know exactly what to do every time you workout. Updating your training program each month ensures you are progressing in the right manner and never hitting any training plateaus throughout the entire process.

-Tailored, Weekly Nutrition Coaching

I’ll be in the trenches with you everyday making sure you have all your questions answered and leaving nothing to chance with your nutrition. Have a question during the week with a situation you’re in? Just have to ask and I’m there to help! Each week after you check-in I’ll make adjustments to your nutrition as needed to keep progress at a rapid pace so you never have to deal with frustrating fat loss plateaus.

-Weekly Focus Points (new)

You’ll receive specific Focus Points throughout the program to help keep you on track. These focus points keep everything crystal clear as to what you should be focused on throughout the time we work together so you’re ensuring you create the correct habits and lasting results.

-Life Long Results

I’m not guaranteeing you’ll have your dream body in the next 14-days, but I will guarantee you’ll be much further along in progress and knowledge than you would be trying to go at it by yourself. Having an experienced coach is like having a cheat code to your transformation. As long as you put in the work, you can’t lose.


Without any pressure, look back at the last 3-6 months of progress you’ve made and ask yourself a question… Are you satisfied with it?

If you are, that’s great! Keep going (I don’t know why you’d still be reading at this point if that were the case though).

If you aren’t happy with it, is it time to make an adjustment and put a proven process in place that is going to create the exact results you’re looking for?

A little investment, expertise, and accountability are exactly what most of us need to kickstart the creation of the body you’re most confident in.

At least it has been for the many people I’ve worked with over the years.

Or… maybe you enjoy second guessing your workouts, not grasping your nutrition, and always ending up on the short side of your body’s true potential.

I understand that my online program isn’t going to be for everyone – a complete newbie to the gym would probably benefit more from an in-person trainer being guided and taught on the gym floor.

Even if you aren’t a complete newb, maybe you’re looking for an in-person trainer who can count your reps and re-rack your weights for you. Which is totally fine.

But with me, that’s not what’s on offer.

I’m more focused on letting you take control of the little things while I’m providing the exact instruction and support needed to accomplish your goals on your own.

Like I said before, think of me as the ultimate cheat code to your favorite video game.

It’s very possible that I’m the missing link you need to finally conquer the game once and for all.

We won’t know unless you fill out the application below and we get a chance to talk.

Given I still have room on my 1-2-1 client roster, we can get you started towards your goals and turn the next few months into the most progressive, enjoyable, and best you’ve had since starting your journey.

Talk soon!


*Once I receive your application I will contact you within 24-48 hours via email to discuss availability.