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chaz spackman

The Secrets To Building A Strong Metabolism

A strong metabolism is the secret to easier progress with your fat loss goals, but it DOESN’T mean you need to: -eat every 2-3 hours -never skip breakfast -avoid eating sugars and breads -do fasted cardio each and every morning -stay away from any and all processed foods -perform HIIT cardio sessions after each lifting session Before I give you actionable advice that will ACTUALLY improve your metabolism, let me …

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End the confusion on how to set up your caloric intake, what macros to worry about, and what foods to incorporate for the best results.


Calculate your calorie and macro intake so it's fully individualized to your experience level, lifestyle, goal, and gender for guaranteed progress.

No Food restrictions

Rid of carb, dairy, sugar, and any other restriction or fad diet you can think of when it comes to being "healthy." Learn the strategy behind eating all foods in moderation and getting leaner at the same time for easier progress.

long-term results

No more "quick fix" tactics that leave you in a worse place than when you started. Create a strategy that helps keep the weight off for life.

bonus: 14 high-protein recipes

Get 14 delicious high protein recipes so you don't have to worry about "what" to eat to help produce the result you're looking for (french toast, cheeseburgers, chicken pot pie, and more).