Online Coaching

Simplifying the process to a lasting result

To create a result better than you’ve gotten, you need a training and nutrition process that’s individualized to what YOU need, paired with accountability to go along with it.

How We Can Help

5 steps to a successful transformation:


Personal Assessment

We'll begin by assessing your experience level, body composition history, capabilities, goals, past frustrations, personal needs, timeline and expectations so that we can create a plan that is tailored to you and what you need as an individual.  There is no "one size fits all" approach inside our online coaching system.  You'll have a plan that is 100% individualized to what YOU need to create the best long term results possible and what you'll be able to best adhere to.

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Individualized Nutrition Coaching

Your nutrition plan will be individualized to your goal, body, and food preferences.  We'll intelligently set up a nutrition strategy that's tailored to your experience level while still creating the result you desire.  No more cookie cutter meal plans or following restrictive fad diets.  We take pride in helping each client learn and implement nutrition strategies that will fit inside your life instead of making your life fit inside the diet - very important for long term success.

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Personalized Training Programs

Your training programs will be tailored to the equipment you have available and whatever the goal is you want to accomplish.  We take periodization and long term success inside our programming very seriously.  Meaning you'll have an evolving, well thought out plan with clear instructions and videos inside each workout so you're never left confused or frustrated at any point inside your workouts. Just a plan to execute on each week to reach your goal.

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Accountability & Support

This is where most fall short.  You'll now have a coach/mentor to keep you accountable.  When you have questions or are struggling with something, it's easy to lose perspective.  Having a support system that "get's it" is the biggest reason why coaching works so well and allows people to reach their goals so much easier. No more guessing or taking things on by yourself. You'll have 24/7 access via email for any and all your needs with your coach, an optional phone call you can book weekly, as well as a mandatory check-in each week to keep you in line throughout the process.


Adjustments As Needed

Frustrating plateaus will become a thing of the past.  With an experienced coach by your side, you'll have adjustments made at key points to keep progress moving along at an optimal speed throughout.  Also, If you have a vacation coming up, family event around the corner, or anything else that may need some extra planning for, we can adjust accordingly to accommodate your needs and not ruin progress because of it.  


"I am very happy with my progress! It really was surprising the results I had in just 12 weeks eating basically whatever I wanted as long as I stayed within my macros. Also, I used to always think to lose weight I needed to go run on the treadmill for an hour. I learned to see better results with how my body looked through weight training."

"Chaz coached me through my very first contest prep. He helped me get leaner than I've ever been. Having his experience with my nutrition guidelines and workouts was extremely helpful. If you're wanting to get into great shape I highly recommend him by your side!"

"Gaining the knowledge about Flexible Dieting was a game changer. It's great to know if my body is wanting a donut or burger I can have it! I just need to be aware of the macros and adjust my day accordingly. It was nice to learn I don't need to be in the gym for hours a day. An hour or so a day, 4x per week was perfect."


End the confusion on how to set up your caloric intake, what macros to worry about, and what foods to incorporate for the best results.


Calculate your calorie and macro intake so it's fully individualized to your experience level, lifestyle, goal, and gender for guaranteed progress.

No Food restrictions

Rid of carb, dairy, sugar, and any other restriction or fad diet you can think of when it comes to being "healthy." Learn the strategy behind eating all foods in moderation and getting leaner at the same time for easier progress.

long-term results

No more "quick fix" tactics that leave you in a worse place than when you started. Create a strategy that helps keep the weight off for life.

bonus: 14 high-protein recipes

Get 14 delicious high protein recipes so you don't have to worry about "what" to eat to help produce the result you're looking for (french toast, cheeseburgers, chicken pot pie, and more).