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What makes Online Coaching with L&L the best way to achieve your goals?

6 Steps: 

We’ll begin by assessing your exercise and nutrition history, experience level, capabilities, goal, and timeline to create a plan that is tailored to you and what you’re capable of adhering to.  There is no “one size fits all” approach inside of Lost & Lifting.  You’ll have a program that is 100% individualized to what YOU need and are able to stick to.

Your nutrition plan is individualized to your body, gender, and likes and dislikes.  Have specifics inside your diet that need to be accounted for?  Your plan will be set up exactly to what YOU need so that it’s easiest for you to stick to.  You’ll receive the L&L Nutrition Handbook as well as an individualized nutrition guide to help you understand what needs to be focused on to see results every week inside the program.

Whether you workout at the gym, or at home it doesn’t matter.  You’re training program will be tailored to the equipment that you have available to you as well as whatever the goal is that you’re wanting to achieve.  You’ll receive a new training plan every four weeks to keep things fresh and help you avoid any plateaus throughout the program.

This is where most programs fall short.  You’ll have a coach there to hold you accountable each and every week.  When things get tough it’s easy to lose perspective and want to give up.  Having someone to help hold you accountable and give you support when needed is key to achieving any big goal in your life.  Including a body transformation.

Say goodbye to any plateaus you’ve ever encountered in the past.  With an experienced coach by your side to check in on things you’ll have key adjustments needed throughout the entire program with your nutrition and training to help keep progress moving along at an optimal speed with no wasted time.

Whether you decide to work with Chaz or Claira, you’ll have COMPLETE access to your coach.  Whenever you have a question, need advice, or are struggling with something you’re coach is just a message away from being there to point you in the right direction.  No more going at this thing alone.  You’ll finally have all the help you need, whenever you need it.



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