Fit, Functional, & Defined (FFD)


Your Just 12 Weeks Away From Being The Most Confident You've Ever Been!

A Smarter Approach For The Female Body

Enough with the pointless exercises in the gym that are ultimately wasting your time and your patience. Save months of frustration with quick, EFFECTIVE workouts to transform your body.

Progression Based Workouts

Learn EXACTLY how to progress in your workouts each week to create the "toned" and strong appearance you've been trying to achieve for so long. FFD calls for 3 strength workouts per week.

Result Driven Cardio

No more mindlessly running on the treadmill for days on end. Only 2 quick and effective cardio sessions per week for the most efficient and effective results.

Simple Explanations & Videos

Never worry about not knowing what to do in the gym. Complete explanations and videos for EVERY exercise will keep things crystal clear for you in each workout.

Fun, Dynamic, & Intentional Programming

What's the most important aspect to your training program? ENJOYING IT! FFD keeps things evolving and fun while keeping your results at the forefront, so you never get bored and miss out on the transformation you deserve!


Fit, Functional, & Defined

Chaz has coached and programmed for females of all ages and experience levels over the last 6 years through his online platform and at his personally owned gym, Fit Factory.

Where he’s found most women go wrong is by putting too much emphasis on random light weight workouts, group classes, and a lot of unnecessary cardio.  There’s definitely a time and a place for all these, but if your goal is to create a toned, or defined body that you see your favorite fitness women rocking, you need a plan of progressive strength training in place to create the muscle definition, strong metabolism, and long term fat loss that’s needed.

Inside F.F.D. you’ll be equipped with all the education, tools, and workouts to create the feminine and athletic body you’ve been searching for in just 12 weeks! 

End the confusion, frustration, and lack of results.
Download F.F.D. and have a clear path to the body you’ve been searching for at your finger tips.
What you’ll receive:


Education based program and eBook breaking down the 12 weeks and what to focus on in every workout to build muscle, lose fat, and create your best "toned" body!

Three different phases inside the 12 week timeline to keep the workouts fresh, fun, and result based!

Three strength workouts per week to build muscle definition and create fat loss with two quick cardio sessions per week to build up your health and cardiovascular system . The program consists of 5 days per week total!

Explanations and videos for EVERY exercise so you know EXACTLY what to do inside the gym at all times!

Customer support for any questions throughout the entire time you're following FFD!

A more Fit, Functional, & Defined body to continue your life in confidence with the body that you've been trying so deserve!