Are You Looking To Build A Stronger, More Defined, Feminine Body?

F.F.D. Is A Female Strength Program Proven to Strip Away Body Fat & Build Lean Muscle Definition to Tone Your Body In All The Right Areas

Fit, Functional, & Defined 

Your only 12 weeks away from achieving your best body yet
The Details:  
  • A personal trainer in your pocket so you know exactly what to do in the gym to create the toned body you want through resistance training & quick, effective cardio routines
  • Video breakdowns for each exercise so you're confident and know exactly what to do in every workout
  • Explained weekly progression systems on how much weight to use so that every workout gets you closer towards your goal of a stronger feminine physique
  • The exact blueprint you need to create, real lasting results of more definition, strength and confidence in your feminine physique

What's Required of You: 

  • 12-weeks
  • 3 different strength workouts per week (45-60 mins) and 2 cardio sessions per week (10-30 mins) - These workouts change every 4 weeks to keep things fresh and result driven
  • Access to a gym


Build Definition
Lose Stubborn Body Fat
Find Your Most Confident Self
"Tone" Your Body
Build A Strong Metabolism
Reach Your Goals
Chaz has coached and programmed for females of all ages and experience levels over the last 6 years through his online platform, Lost & Lifting, and his personally owned gym, Fit Factory. 

Where he’s found most women go wrong is by putting too much emphasis on random light weight workouts, group classes, and a lot of unnecessary cardio.  There’s definitely a time and a place for all these, but if your goal is to create a toned, or defined body, you need a plan of progressive resistance training in place to create the muscle definition, strong metabolism, and long term fat loss that’s required for a toned feminine physique.
Inside F.F.D. you’ll be equipped with all the education, tools, and resistance and cardio workouts needed to create the feminine and athletic body you’ve been searching for in just 12 weeks!


  • Wasting Your Time w/ Pointless Cardio Routines
  • Remaining Confused On How To Tone Your Body
  • Spinning Your Wheels Without A Direct Plan Of Action


  • Creating Results w/ Evidence Based Workouts
  • Building Your Body & Your Confidence
  • Reaching Your Goals w/ Out Wasting Your Time
Instead of continuing to deplete your body... IT'S TIME TO BUILD IT.
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