Customized Meal Plan


Customized Meal Plan



-Fully customized meal plan set up for your individualized calorie and macronutrient needs.

-Grocery list for every food item in your meal plan.

Once purchased, you will receive a questionnaire via email. Your meal plan will include some of your favorite food choices, along with nutrient dense food choices as well. I make a point to keep every meal plan enjoyable by customizing everything to your likes and dislikes, while still making sure you make great progress towards your goals every week.


Q: How many days worth of meals do you get?
A: All meal plans come with 7 days worth of meals to give you a different variety through the entire week.

Q: How long should I follow the meal plan for?
A: This is really up to you.  I suggest anywhere from 6-8 weeks.  After that amount of time you may find it to become a bit repetitive.  A lot of clients start with the meal plan and come back for actual coaching to learn how to count macros to add a better variety and flexibility to their diet.

Q: How long does it take to receive my meal plan once I’ve ordered it?
A: You will receive a questionnaire upon purchase, once you return the questionnaire to me I usually have meal plans complete in 2-3 days.

Q:  I eat out a lot due to my schedule, will I have to cook all my meals from home?
A:  Absolutely not.  There’s nothing worse in my opinion than carrying around tupperware with food.  Within the questionnaire I get to know your schedule and what places you prefer to eat out.  From there I can add in those restaurants to your plan and certain food items you may order to stay on track.

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