About Me

My Story:

My freshman year of college I fell down the rabbit hole of hitting the gym.  Shortly, the weight room formed into a lifelong passion.  Watching my body change through hard work and dedication provides me with a high that I can’t really explain. See, I grew up as an athlete, so I’ve always craved some sort of physical activity.  The gym has relieved that itch through my adult years, but what gives me greater satisfaction is being able to help others through nutrition and fitness.  The satisfaction I receive from helping others achieve their goals is second to none.  When I first got into this whole fitness thing I didn’t have it all figured out.  I tried every useless supplement and bogus “fit tip” there was.  All I did was waste my valuable time and worse, money.  After a year or two of banging my head against the wall I came across someone who altered my fitness journey forever. Without his help of leading me down the correct approach to this whole lifestyle,  I probably would have gave up on this fitness thing a long time ago.  That’s what has led us to where we are today.  I now own/operate my own gym, Fit Factory, as well as work with clients in person and online.

I am married to the best lookin’ lady in the state of Idaho, and have the sweetest one year old baby girl a dad could ask for.  You may remember my wife (Claira) being apart of this site at one point.  She has since moved on and runs her own site simplyspackman.com.  Check her out over there if your interested.


I have 9 years worth of training experience for myself, and roughly 4 years of training experience with clients.  I am a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM and have taken countless courses on nutrition and exercise as well as studied through mentors and coaches extensively.  I am confident in being able to help anyone, in any situation, make positive changes to their health and fitness through nutrition and training.  I’ve worked with beginners, advanced lifters, athletes, senior citizens, recovering injuries, etc.  You name it, I’ve probably worked with a similar situation either in my gym or through online coaching at some point.


I love to lift weights.  My current training plan is anywhere from 4-6 weight lifting sessions per week along with 1-3 cardio sessions depending on if I’m in a fat loss or muscle building stage.  I train primarily for hypertrophy, meaning muscle gain, but I also enjoy training for strength as well.  My approach is somewhere in between a hybrid “power building” phase.  Meaning I train to get bigger as a body builder, but also to get stronger as a powerlifter.  I use science based principles in my approach for myself along with my clients.  If your thing isn’t heavy strength training like myself, no worries, I create all different forms of plans from at home programs, to beginner lifting programs, as well as demanding strength programs. It all just depends on your current situation and what your goals are.


Nutrition can be so complicated if we let it.  Everyone has an opinion of what’s best and what’s not.  My first year or two I thought I had to eat “clean” in order to make progress.  Meaning my diet consisted of only lean protein, green veggies, sweet potatoes, and that’s about it.  What I found over time was this approach obviously worked, but sucked.  Which in turn made my life start to suck as well.  I was always so restricted when enjoying time with friends and family that I would either have to deprive myself or I’d binge on tasty food.  It was always a lose – lose situation.  I now choose a much more flexible approach.  I count calories and macronutrients with no restricted food groups.  “Flexible Dieting” has been a savior to my fitness journey.  That’s why I use calorie and macro counting with all of my clients as well.  I take the time to teach the core scientific principles of weight gain and weight loss so my clients are fully aware of the reasons they are making progress while working with me.  This way they can continue to succeed after our time together has ended.

Have anything else you’d like to know?  Send a question to lostandlifting@gmail.com and I’ll get back with you shortly.  Also, don’t forget to check out the blog where I give out tons of free info on exercise and nutrition.