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Lost & Lifting
Online Training & Nutrition Coaching

Anybody can show you a quick fix.

We’ll help you create a long-lasting result.



The starter pack to setting up your macros, understanding what to eat, and creating real results inside of your nutrition.  

Join hundreds of others and learn the simple strategies behind a result based nutrition plan by downloading today for FREE!

Meet The L&L Coaches

Chaz works with both males and females to help them lean down and create a stronger body and mindset around fitness.  His core coaching belief is to help you create a plan that fits into your life, not make your life fit into a plan.

Claira specializes in moms and females.  Whether your goal is to lean down and lose unwanted baby weight, or learn the basics to creating a sustainable plan inside of the gym for lasting results, she’s got you covered!

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The Macro Starter Kit 
Learn how to figure out your macros, understand exactly what to eat, and create real results inside your nutrition.
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