What Foods Should You be Eating to Lose FAT?

The number one question that I get asked these days is what kind of foods to eat to lose weight.  When I answer, I usually get a sort of dazed look in return.  The fitness industry and lots of businesses in it have misled people on how to lose fat for to long.  So today,  we’re going to try and fix this issue and give you a little perspective of what food does to your body and how you should utilize it to best fit whatever your goals may be.

No matter what kind of food you are consuming, it has one thing in common with every other food whether it be considered “healthy” or “unhealthy.”  They all have CALORIES.  The amount of calories you intake from a daily to weekly basis is going to be the number one indicator to whether you are going to gain weight or lose weight over time.   That doesn’t matter if your food comes from pizza, vegetables, soda, cereal, chicken, twinkies, or any other food under the sun that you can think of.

Everybody’s body is a little bit different and this is what makes things a little more difficult for people to understand.  Each one of us live a different lifestyle which makes each of our bodies burn a different amount of calories each day.  For example,  someone who works on their feet like waitressing tables or a construction job is going to burn far more calories each day than someone who works behind a desk answering phones.  Which means: for the person with a more active job, they are going to be able to consume more calories without weight gain. Unlike the sedentary job, where they wont be able to consume as  many calories without gaining weight.

There are a lot of other factors that go into this as well: age, gender,  previous calorie consumption, and lots more that we won’t get into today.  So to get back to my opening paragraph,  what foods should you be eating to reach your goal?  Food choices will end up playing a big role in your overall progress without a doubt,  but there aren’t any particular foods out there that are going to be the secret to your success.  The better question to losing fat would be, “how many calories should I be consuming in order to lose weight?”

This question isn’t going to be much easier to answer because as I stated before, we all live a different life and we all expend a different amount of calories each day,  but it’s a much better question to start from than the other.

A normal eating day for myself when I’m in a cut, trying to shed away fat, would look something like: a cup of coffee WITH cream for breakfast,  a subway sandwich and protein bar for lunch,  and maybe some beef, rice and veggies for dinner,  followed by a small bowl of cereal if I have enough calories left over to eat it or some low calorie ice cream.  By no means are those the foods I HAVE to eat to lose weight,  they are just the foods I enjoy the most while I’m consuming less calories each day in order to lose weight.

The verdict:  Stop worrying so much about the foods and start worrying more about the calories in them.  Find a balance between foods with a variety of nutrients to help your body, and the foods that make your soul happy at the same time.  You’ll end up much farther in your journey than you ever expected.

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