Intro to Lost & Lifting


Being the beginning of the new year, the number one resolution that most people make is to commit themselves to a healthier lifestyle.  Whether it be just trying to eat “healthy” or starting up a new gym membership.  Either way, it is an awesome way to try and bring in the new year, but there are a lot of misconceptions and bull crap out there that’s only going to make your resolution to getting fit that much harder and more frustrating.

First things first, if you’re anything like I used to be, you’ll probably find the latest and greatest diet that has you cutting out your favorite food groups like dairy, grains and/or sweets.  Of course it’s these foods fault that we have gained unwanted weight, right?  The only way to get into shape and be healthy is to eat foods that come from the organic section of the grocery store that cost twice as much as everything else, right?

Next, you’ll get online or go to the local supplement store only to burn a hole in your pocket on all of the supplements that you’re talked into buying by the “expert” who is running the cashier.  He tells you that the only way to build muscle or lose fat is by taking these pills or powders that nobody really has any idea what they are or what the ingredients actually do.

After this, you’re set to go, right?  All that’s left is to crush the gym for two hours a day.  Walking out the doors a sweaty mess from the ample time you’ve spent running on the treadmill or climbing the stair master. Because there’s no possible way for you to get the body you’ve always wanted without doing hours of cardio.  It’s just not possible, right?

If any of this sounds like the way your new years resolution is starting out, I have one question for ya… Do you enjoy it?  If the answer is no, how do you expect to stay on track and really do something about your body?  The easiest plan to stick to is one that you AREN’T going to dread.  Luckily, after about five years in and out of the gym, I have found a plan that I actually love and can stick to for life.  Flexible dieting has changed everything for me.  It allows you to stay on track with the goals you have placed for yourself without having to cut out ANY of the foods you enjoy.  That’s right.. Ice cream, donuts, pizza, cookies.. At least those are a few of the things that I eat everyday while staying within my calorie limit and tracking my macros. But that’s for a later post…

HAPPY 2016!